For the last 10 years and more, for choice,  I TRAVEL “SLOW”!!
Actually, WE (Me and Mario) travel “SLOW”, always!!
I am a real FAN OF EUROPE in general! Most of my travels have been concentrated in Italy + Europe because these are the main destinations that interest me!
In ITALY and in EUROPE every destination guarantees the perfect mix of Culture, Art, Nature, Gastronomy, Entertainment, Relax and much more.
We are great passionate about Art, particularly modern and contemporary art, we love the biggest 20th century painters and sculptors, but also about contemporary and innovative art, Graffitis, Murals and Street Art…

Arte e design

… we love Art Deco (Liberty) style  both as Architecture and as Design and Furniture (but also for the same period’s Fashion).
We like immersing ourselves in Nature, see stunning landscapes, the most characteristic colours of every place… We like Street Artists a lot!

I (in the world) love Castles,
but only the well preserved ones, better if still furnished or at least partially, rich of objects and details!!
Mario (in the world) does not miss a single Market of fresh and local products: vegetables, fruit, cheese and other specialties and local delicacies at zero km!

When travelling but not only .. We are not particularly consumers .. we spend for travelling and for visiting … and also for tasting typical and good food and products. We are collectors of magnets and peculiar postcards: at home on the walls we have metal panels full of magnets coming from our travels / on the rear of the postcards Mario makes drawings and they remain among our travel souvenirs.

I have prepared the TRAVEL SHEETS of some of our most relevant and recent Travels. They are only a part among our many travels …
Coming soon … Special Tips about TORINO and SARDINIA !!


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