We are a "stainless" couple since 1993!!

We met “at work” and at the beginning I was a bit puzzled for our age difference .. but then, after knowing him better and after discovering the amazing person he his, this aspect took second place …
(I will tell you my theory about chronological age..).
Mario is an abstract painter by inclination and he has always painted since he was a child and for all his life,  but as a job he worked as a Creative, as a Manager, as a Sales and Marketing Manager and as a Businessman in the field of Advertising and Merchandising for Companies and he is also an Inventor.
He is a very creative man but he is also very concrete with big practical sense, professionally very competent and skilled in his job and in Business.
Since the beginning of our love story and over the years, he has always passed me his long working and business experience and I have always tried to absorb all his precious teachings. In private life, he is the excellent cook at home, every day: he chooses with great care our food shopping with close attention to healthy, genuine and local foods.
As a couple, besides both having quite a temper,  we have a lot in common and we both are passionate about Travelling, Art and Design and we share tastes and preferences, Lifestyle and Travelstyle.
We like discovering nature, culture, the colours and “tastes” of the places, the markets and how local people live, Art in a broader sense and the “core” of each place we visit, people and their way of living. We love simple things like genuine and local food, traditions, easy and good things, strictly “unsophisticated”.

More than anything, we deeply love the Sea and, thanks to him, I discovered the marvellous Sardinia island in 1994, our great love for all our life, this wonderful and welcoming land that finally today we can call our Home!!

You will discover more about me and about us
inside our Travel stories and Travel Sheets …

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