PORTUGAL in various Travels: we already went there 3 times
Experiences and Emotions!!
Portugal in itself is an Experience! Places rich of lots of Emotions, each time always different!

We left there a piece of our heart!
It is our favourite Country (just after Italy, of course)!!
A perfect mix of authentic 50’s and 60’s atmospheres with a great modernity!

26) LISBONA (11)
Sesimbra (9)
Museo do Azulejo 4
Azulejo Museum - Lisbon

Reason for the destination’s choice
Portugal is our favorite beloved place to live immediately after Sardinia (with which, we think that in some peculiar ways … has a lot in common).
The first time we travelled to Portugal was in April 2005, during a long itinerant journey by car (a small off-road vehicle) in stages between Spain and Portugal … and it was Love at first sight!
Later, we returned to Portugal by plane, for other 2 travels (between April and May in 2015 and 2016).

– Flight to Lisbon
– Bus and metro in town (and outside town) + historical trams + taxis (fast and rather cheap)
It is really spectacular to move using the Elevadores in town in Lisbon!!

LISBONA in Tram (1)
LISBONA in Tram (2)
8) LISBONA Bus Hippo Trip

Accomodation chosen
As almost usual, a private flat suits us more than any other kind of accomodation. We stayed in private small apartments in Lisbon (in the historical districts of Graca and Alfama).
At the seaside (in Sesimbra) we rented a beautiful modern apartment in a building facing the sea (it was almost on the beach).
During our first travel to Portugal (in 2005), as it was an itinerary journey at stages, we stayed in a simple but very cosy B&B in Sintra and then, passing, in some hotels in Evora and at the seaside in Algarve (south of Portugal).

11) LISBONA Casa (3)
House in Lisbon
12) LISBONA Casa (4)
House in Lisbon
16) Sesimbra casa (3)
House in Sesimbra
15) Sesimbra casa (2)
House in Sesimbra

What we have Seen / Done / Visited (2015 + 2016)

We are passionate about Art, particularly modern and contemporary art, we love the biggest 20th century painters and sculptors, we also like innovative art , Graffitis, Murals and Street Art; we love Art Deco (Liberty) style both as Architecture and as Design and Furniture (but also for the same period’s Fashion).
We like immersing ourselves in Nature, see stunning landscapes, the most characteristic colours of every place…
In this case in Portugal Nature is luxuriant, the landscapes overlooking the sea are incredible, the Atlantic sea is raging, everything is really exciting and spectacular!
I am sure that our photos speak for themselves .. lots of Emotions, each time always different!

18) LISBONA Street Art
Street Art in Lisbon
19) LISBONA (12)
Sesimbra (13)
MUDE (Design e Moda) (5)
Mude Museum

Lisbon city

  • All the city centre + all the historical districts walking and on the iconic trams .
27) LISBONA (5)

Alfama and Graca districts on foot (also for shopping in little stores and shopping for food as if we were locals, staying there for weeks..)

10) LISBONA Casa (2)
House in Lisbon

Almost all panoramic points Miradouros! My favourite is Miradouro da Graca

LISBONA Casa (5)
House in Lisbon
9) LISBONA Casa (1)
House in Lisbon
  • Baixa and Chiado districts by tram and on foot
  • The famous Cafè la Brasileira with Pessoa statue that sits next to you!
  • Belem Tower
  • Torre di Belem
  • Castelo de Sao Jorge
  • Igreja do Carmo
31) LISBONA (19)
42) Cafè la Brasilera (1)
La Brasileira Cafè - Lisbon
43) Cafè la Brasilera (2)
La Brasileira Cafè - Lisbon
  • Mosteiro dos Jeronimos
  • Elevador de Santa Justa and Elevador da Bica
  • The Cathedral
  • MUDE Museum (Design and Fashion)
28) LISBONA (17)
35) MUDE (Design e Moda) (4)
Mude Museum - Lisbon
MUDE (Design e Moda) (9)
Mude Museum - Lisbon
MUDE (Design e Moda) (11)
Mude Museum - Lisbon
  • Museo Nacional do Azulejo (and Convent): the famous Azulejos (traditional tiles). The buildings covered by azulejos are fantastic and these famous tiles can be present either on the internal walls of the houses and in restaurants ..
  • Museo da Marionetas (puppets, masks, Sicilian puppets,..)
Museo da Marioneta (1)
Marionetas Museum
Museo da Marioneta (9)
Marionetas Museum
Museo do Azulejo (1)
Azulejo Museum
Museo do Azulejo (5)
Azulejo Museum

Based in Sesimbra (at the seaside on the Atlantic ocean):

  • Visit of the small town, walks and relax on the beach and by the sea (first days of May)
  • Visit of the Natural Park of Arrabida
  • Visit of Sesimbra Castle
Sesimbra (7)
Sesimbra (12)
Sesimbra (15)
Sesimbra (16)


In Lisbon

– Get on and stay on the historical trams n. 18 , n. 28 and n. 22 without getting off: the full tram route go and return! A real touristic tour of the city and of the most characteristic, old and historical districts! On the iconic trams! It is also useful to rest, to watch local people and the numerous tourists.

Mercado da Riberia Nova is an absolute Must!! Unmissable!! We went there many times!!
Going there for shopping for food, but above all for having lunch, by tasting various specialties!!

Lisbona noi 2 Tram
Mercado da Ribera Nova (4)
Mercado da Ribeira - Lisbon
Mercado da Ribeira Nova (2)
Mercado da Ribeira - Lisbon
Mercado da Ribera Nova (3)
Mercado da Ribeira - Lisbon

At the market you can buy particular fruit, kinds never seen before ..such as this fruit that seems to be a mix between an apple and a pear with a soft and sweet pulp.. I don’t remember its name..

Frutto (1)
Particular Fruit
57) Frutto (2)
Particular Fruit

– Market of objects and Antiquities Feira da Ladra. It is always crowded with locals and of some connaisseur tourists!! You can find any kind of things there.. make good deals and buy Souvenirs.

Feira da ladra (2)
Feira da Ladra - Lisbon
Feira da ladra (3)
Feira da Ladra - Lisbon
Feira da ladra (1)
Feira da Ladra - Lisbon
Crocchette (2)

– The panorama from Praca do Comercio towards the river Tejo .. and then walking all along the river, by admiring the red bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril)

An Aperitif or a beer at the sunset, by admiring the panorama from a Miradouro

LISBONA fiume Tago
Tago River - Lisbon
Miradouro da Graca - Lisbon

In Fatima

We are neither religious nor believers, but since I was a child (I went to school by the nuns ..) the story of the 3 little shepherds moved me .. so I wanted to visit Fatima …
I recommend this experience because it is really moving also for non-believers like us! I saw authentic manifestations of faith, an adoring crowd, faithful people who where “walking” on their knees all across the big square .. tall candlesticks carried in procession … then thrown into a large brazier … really a touching experience!

Fatima (2)
Fatima (3)
Fatima (5)
Fatima (6)
Fatima (4)
Fatima (1)

What we have never missed

We always try not to miss anything important in life .. pretty much all the time .. When travelling, even more …
We love Portuguese food and wine!!
I could make a long list and all the products are fresh and genuine! Anyway, the legendary cod (Bacalau) cooked in a thousand of delicious ways (like the exquisite croquettes), the meat and sea dishes in general (also together, such as as the unusual and very good Alentejana Pork, based on pork and clams), sardines (rightly so famous!), the soups ..up to delicious desserts, such as the famous Pastel de Belem (with cinnamon), others excellent cakes and cinnamon-based cookies (which I love …).

Ristorante (1)
52) Ristorante (2)
54) Crocchette (1)

In Portugal we eat at the restaurant much more often than we do elsewhere during other travels .. guess why ..

53) Piatto Maiale all'Alentejana
Dinner in Lisbon


I struggled to find a women’s hairdresser … It may seem strange but at street level (like shops) I didn’t see any .. neither in Lisbon city centre nor in the popular districts of the old town city centre where we lived ..
I then discovered that most of them were inside buildings (like on the first floor), very rare and not easy to find those with a window on the street … the same was for the beauticians. I then talked to some women and it seemed that the habit was to … not be seen …(let’s say..), especially in the window from the street … That’s why. Anyway, there were a few in comparison to Italy … (at least it was like this until a few years ago ..).

I discovered that

Right from the start, from our first travel to Portugal (in 2005) we sensed a retro atmosphere .. 50s / 60s style that is very congenial to us. Visually, a lot has remained to that time.. but not in a decadent sense, I would say more in an authentically retro sense!
However, Portugal is very advanced also technologically speaking … this mix makes it a particular and truly unique place in some ways! The retro charm combined with modernity and technology!! Vintage also as clothing was everywhere and very fashionable!
Society is very multi-ethnic and for many years a large number of foreigners (from northern Europe, Canada, the Usa, …) have moved permanently, after retirement: certainly the quality of life is excellent and the prices too …
The buildings covered with azulejos are spectacular! The azulejos can also be present on the internal walls of the houses, the restaurants, …
The Tejo River is made of sea water .. it is like the sea …
Espresso coffee is (almost) better than in Italy! Everywhere!!
The Portuguese love ice cream, especially if it is Italian .. But very few ice cream shops around … (at least it was so until a few years ago ..).
The atmospheres and the places are authentic, people are truly genuine and true!! We have always found help and courtesy! For example, the elderly people of the old town districts where we stayed, even though they didn’t speak English … they tried to make themselves understood to help us if we asked something ..
The hospitality and genuine kindness of the Portuguese has few equals !
The Sciuscià in the street still exist (or at least it was so until a few years ago ..).
Lisbon rises on hills: it’s all about going up and down … like Life after all!!

negozio vintage (1)
Vintage Store - Lisbon
59) negozio vintage (3)
Vintage Store - Lisbon
Lisbona sciuscià


We are not particularly consumers .. we spend for travelling and for visiting … and also for tasting typical and good food and products.
We are collectors of magnets and peculiar postcards: at home on the walls we have metal panels full of magnets coming from our travels / on the rear of the postcards Mario makes drawings and they remain among our travel souvenirs.
In addition, when the trolley or the backpack are chock-full .. a few magnets and postacards can always fit, so you can always bring them home.
In Portugal, Mario gave me a ring (a Liberty style silver ring) that I love and that I always wear, then we bought some beautiful original tiles (azulejos), a small painting made by a good street artist and a perfumed chocolate doll (her name is Matilda), other than many beautiful magnets ..

Miradouro da Graca - Lisbon
Matilda (Lisbona)
Doll "Matilda" - Souvenir from Lisbon
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