‘ll be glad to explain it to you straight away: in summary, this is what I think, being a lifelong international traveller and also as a Host with many years of experience:

Some houses/apartments are suitable for any type of guests… while my beloved 2nd house has been renovated, equipped, organized and it is managed in a special and targeted way .. Not for all but .. PARTICULARLY DEDICATED TO INTERNATIONAL GUESTS WITH REDUCED MOBILITY OR SPECIAL NEEDS or SENIOR GUESTS, VERY DEMANDING from all points of view (like me when I travel..) or with SPECIAL HEALTH NEEDS (e.g. allergies, like me) or for FAMILIES with SMALL or NUMEROUS CHILDREN or PROFESSIONALS travelling for work (who need to find EVERYTHING ESSENTIAL immediately AVAILABLE), or simply GUESTS WHO ARE VERY ATTENTIVE TO THE MINIMUM DETAILS and who rightly demand the best (in line with my style as a Traveller and Host…).


– It is my beloved second house, exactly in the heart of the historic city center of Turin, at 20 steps to Piazza Castello (where you can also find the Tourist Information Office, exactly behind our building)

– It is very modern: inside everything is brand new and super functional, but it keeps  the charm of a 17th century building. In fact, it has been completely renovated with a conservative project of the valuable architectural and structural details of the time: the perimeter walls are over 40 cm thick (this makes the house naturally warm in winter and cool in summer), the ceilings are over 3,5 metres high, the original parquet floors renovated and the period internal doors (carefully restored)

– the plumbing and electrical systems have been completely redone

– the bathroom has been completely redone and enlarged, to make it fully accessible to people with disabilities or reduced mobility; you will find grab bars and a maxi shower with folding seat

– During the renovation, Art Deco style elements were added, such as the suggestive (and accessible with a large entrance opening) walk-in closet made of a semi-transparent glass block curve inside the double Master bedroom which overlooks the balcony towards the internal courtyard .

– It is very safe for everyone, being totally gas-free! gas has been completely eliminated (for the maximum safety): it is entirely powered only by electricity and a total power of 5 kw

– The brand new double-glazed PVC windows guarantee silence and comfort, despite being in the city centre !!

– It has got high-power Air Conditioning (for heating and cooling) which is independent in every room and maximum silence in every room: you will always have the desired temperature in just a few minutes.

– All furniture and linens are of high quality and they are all made of natural fabrics; the apartment is completely anti-allergic and it hasn’t got any carpet

– Thorough and antibacterial washing of all the linen in the house and very deep and antibacterial cleaning at every change of guests (cleaning duration: 5/6 hours).

– Inside the apartment you will find some large abstract art paintings

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