No travel package, nothing standardized or ready-made …
It will be your travel and it will not resemble to anyone else’s one who has visited the same town or the same places.. I create and organize your “tailor made” customized travel, exactly as if it were a tailored suit, in great detail and without leaving anything to chance.

I will start from listening and understanding everything about your desired destinations, preferences, demands and needs … how you travel and what you are looking for in your dream travel you are thinking about … which are your main interests and what you love doing, what are your very special peculiarities as a traveller and much more.

Your travel will be created and “built” by me personally, tailored exclusively for you only!! I will do it exactly as I would do it for myself: with great passion, a lot of commitment, extreme precision and with the utmost dedication!!

Both about travels and about life, over the years I have become “almost uncontainable”, so I can guarantee that every single choice for you will be the result of my long experience but also of meticulous and in-depth targeted researches that will be completed by further checks, by putting in place my personal strategies developed over the years.

Would you like a small example?
When I was in Paris I did not visit the Eiffel Tower! Why not? Because when we arrived in front of it .. it didn’t appeal to me and we weren’t willing to climb on it ..
We did prefer to see and do many other things: for example, we spent many hours at the Market in Place de la Bastille and surroundings .. and a whole day at D’Orsay Museum! Both are Must-see Top locations!!

This is the job that I chose, created and customized for me, a “tailor made” job for myself!!  This is what I have been doing for many many years and it is what I am passionate about, above all else!!! I do it with a lot of enthusiasm and great determination!! Supporting you to “build” up your own Travel will be in some way such as travelling with you …
Working for you and for your satisfaction will be the greatest pleasure!!

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